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Jessy Mendiola keeping her body healthy with the Help of Calcium Cee

CALCIUM Cee kicks off the second quarter of the year with an ambitious campaign focused on physical health and well being, announcing Jessy Mendiola as the brand’s newest and official endorser. Calcium Cee is a daily necessity that nurtures and helps to protect the body with fortified double protection of vitamin C and calcium, two of the most potent nutrients for maintaining a strong and healthy body.

An immune booster and an effective aid against viral infections, vitamin C acts as a strong anti-oxidant that destroys free radicals that causes diseases. Since Calcium Cee is non-acidic and contains alkaline PH levels, it could be taken on an empty stomach and in large doses without the risk of irritation and diarrhea. Also, as it is non-sodium, Calcium Cee does not contribute to the risk of hypertension and heart disease as well as kidney disease.

As one of the industry’s most successful actresses who headlined a consistent string of top-rating primetime TV series and blockbuster movies, Jessy is a passionate advocate of health and wellness as she continues to live a balanced and active lifestyle despite the pandemic as regularly seen on her Vlogs that are viewed by millions of Filipinos.

“After an 8-hour sleep, I start my day with lots of water, a quick workout, and my daily dose of Calcium Cee,” says Jessy. “Though I don’t have a regular diet, I make sure that I eat everything in moderation while having a cleanse to detoxify my body once in a while. Along with Calcium Cee, I also keep my essentials handy every day – face mask, hand sanitizer, and face shield.” 

“Jessy is a certified health buff and she is such an inspiration to a lot of people when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle,” says MayetteAcuña, President of Optimum Marketstrat International Inc. – the official Philippine distributor of Calcium Cee. “We firmly believe that Jessy is the best artist to represent the brand as an ambassadress because she embodies the Filipino ideal that gives much importance to excellent health and safety while working hard with honesty and integrity.” 

Jessy on the other hand is equally ecstatic now that she is a part of the Calcium Cee Family, “I’m very happy that I discovered Calcium Cee as this trusted brand is perfect for my lifestyle. I am not a fan of heavy breakfasts and since Calcium Cee is non-acidic, I could safely take it in the mornings on an empty stomach.” 

“I’m very grateful that I am chosen to represent this amazing product. It’s important to remind others to take Calcium Cee every day. It’s very important to take care of ourselves especially during these days where we need to stay healthy. Calcium Cee is excellent because it also has calcium which is good for our bones. I am honored to represent a product that is truly a non-negotiable daily essential,” add by Jessy.

With the pandemic engulfing people’s lives, it’s never too late to take care of one’s body, no matter how old one is. “Everyone should start today because it’s important to strengthen our immune system if we are to survive and weather this global crisis. With discipline and prayers, I believe that the flattening of the dreaded curve is in the horizon and the day will come that we will all go back to our normal lives and it is important to stay and keep healthy until that day comes,” says a very hopeful Jessy. 

Calcium Cee is available at all Mercury Drug Store, Watsons, All Day RX, Merry Mart, and Alturas Bohol locations nationwide. And for more information, call the Calcium Cee hotline at 09175642233.



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