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Join this FREE Virtual Parenting Congress to Acquire Expert Nutritional Advice for Children

Not only for parents, but even for toddlers, the 3+ toddler years are exciting. It’s when children begin to achieve important milestones and have significant cognitive, emotional, and social growth that they will be able to explore and make sense of their new environment. On the other hand, it is also the time when a child can more clearly express his desires, especially when it comes to food, which can be a difficult task for parents. With children still learning to express their preferences for or dislikes of foods, it is our responsibility as parents to ensure that they receive the nutrients they require at this critical stage in their development.

The big question now is how to avoid the negative consequences of picky eating in our 3-year-olds, such as nutritional deficiency and an unbalanced diet. As the world’s only real authority on toddlers aged three and up, Even in this socially distant reality, NIDO® 3+ continues to direct parents in ensuring their child receives the TODO nutrients for a TODO growth..

Mark your calendars as NIDO® 3+ kickstarts the Nido 3+ ExperTips Congress on May 15, 2:30 pm! Expect a fun and insightful virtual parenting congress as we learn from a panel of experts that will help moms discover the best of 3+ toddlerhood nutrition. Know the latest findings on nutrition inadequacy commonly found in Filipino children and the impact of diet on a child’s development with Dr. Edward Santos. Discover the impact of picky eating and how to overcome it with pedia and nutrition expert Dr. Katrina Anne Valera, and learn kid-friendly meal plans that also doubles as a fun family weekend activity with Nutritionist-Dietician Ms. Ditas Sagarbarria.

Hear from celebrity moms Marian Rivera and Iya Villania about their personal encounters, and have challenges facing the immersive booths where you can play games, take pictures, win exclusive LAZADA vouchers, and more! To help your 3+ toddler be a #TodoExplorer, register for FREE and learn the ExperTips! There are just a few spots left, so hurry over to to reserve your spot! Now is the time to reserve your spot and join the fun with other moms and toddlers at this TODO gathering!




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